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Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) 1.8ohm Replacement Coil - 5 pack

1.8ohm coil replacement heads used in the Aspire BVC series of clearomizers.

$11.99 Ex Tax: $11.99

Aspire CE5 BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) Clearomizer

Aspire BDC clearomizer looks like a CE5 and features dual bottom coils. Aspire BDC clearomizer is EGO threaded and will fit on most devices. One coil of 1.8 ohm resistance included in the package.

$5.99 Ex Tax: $5.99

Aspire CE5-S BDC Clearomizer

The CE5-S is an upgraded version of Aspire CE5 Clearomizer it has an exterior metal sleeve..

$6.99 Ex Tax: $6.99