When you browse an electronic cigarette vendors site, it's well worth taking a few minutes to look through the sheer range of flavors that are on offer - some of these will definitely pique the curiosity of regular tobacco smokers. The cartridges come in a variety of mild and stronger variants, and new lines are appearing all the time. You may be slightly surprised to learn that the scents of your favourite soft drinks and alcoholic beverages have been captured in e-cigarette cartridges, and you could soon be enjoying the sense of brandy, cola or Mountain Dew during your next vape. The technology that is used means that it is theoretically possible to recreate virtually any scent from the real world, although people that simply want an authentic cigarette experience can also find suitable cartridges.

It's inevitable that you may find the occasional flavor that you don't particularly enjoy, but the relatively low price of each cartridge should allow you to experiment. Perhaps the scents of the candy store give you a blast from your childhood, and it is possible to get butterscotch and jelly bean flavoured cartridges. As an existing smoker of regular tobacco, you may think that it won't be possible to find your beloved menthol flavors for vaping, and the good news is that a range of mint-related cartridges can also be found. If you take a look through our range online, you will notice that you can be as adventurous or 'safe' as you wish!


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