Public Vaping - A Guide to Etiquette for Beginners

Ask permission – It’s always best to start with the basics and asking for permission when you’re at a restaurant or establishment is polite and considerate. Some owners won’t know that much about vaping, but after it is explained many are more appreciative and accepting of the idea, curious about the technology themselves.

Answer questions – Of course, should you choose to vape in public you may have people raising their eyebrows at you. This is of course a natural curiosity about the unknown, so if you’re asked questions about your new vaping habit then answer them in a friendly and clear way. By being considerate of others, you might correct any misconceptions and also indirectly help other smokers to change to vaping.

Respect others – Some people simply don’t like vapours blown in their face, and this can be a particular problem for families with young children and people with breathing difficulties. It’s always best to vape a good distance from others to stay in their good books; even though vapours are less polluting than traditional tobacco smoke, it’s still not pleasant to breathe it on someone else.

Be polite if things go wrong – If someone asks you to refrain from smoking it is OK to briefly explain that you are in fact vaping. However, should this not work you should stop without complaining and move on. If you choose to kick up a fuss, then you could stop others using e-cigarettes there in the future – a bad reputation sticks and it could create a prejudice against vapers.

Until the laws on vaping in public are made clearer, then it’s always best to act as respectfully as possible and with consideration to others around you. It’s best to remember that choosing to vape with e-cigarettes rather than traditional ones, you will make others curious as to what you’re doing and therefore you should expect attention. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then avoid vaping in public or be as discreet as possible.


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