How to Choose Your First E-Cigarette Starter Kit

What to choose if... are on a tight budget or do not want to spend a lot at first

In such case, we have exactly what you need - Kanger EVOD Single Kit. It is a stripped down version of Kanger EVOD Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, which includes only one e-cigarette (a Kanger EVOD battery with EVOD Clearomizer) and a USB Charger. It costs only $19.99 ($21.99 if you want to upgrade to 1000mAh battery) and fulfills the most basic needs of vaping. Add a bottle of e-liquid to this and start vaping by spending only around $30. When you are more used to vaping, you can then upgrade to a more advanced kit or build one yourself, by combining batteries and clearomizers available in stock. are a beginner with no previous knowledge

You want to switch to vaping, you do not limit your budget, when you realise how much you have been spending on traditional cigarettes. But you still do not know what to choose because you do not have any vaping knowledge. We have got you covered!

Choose our bestselling Kanger EVOD Starter Kit. It includes everything for a successful start - two e-cigarettes, replacement coils, charging tools, user manuals and we even add a 10ml bottle of e-liquid to the package! Kanger EVOD is a favourite amongst beginner and advanced vapers, reviewed online thousands of times and has been praised to be the best choice for a starter kit. Here at SimpleVape, we only stock genuine KangerTech production, so you can be sure that the product will last long and perform better than others. Finally, it comes in two colors - steel and black (latter has a leather-ish feel) to fit your style.

Alternatively, you can choose another Kanger product - eSmart starter kit. It is a slightly sleeker version of EVOD, with thinner, batteries and clearomizers. It is designed for very light smokers, who decided to switch to vaping. Because of slicker design, it is also highly appreciated amongst female SimpleVape customers. Main drawbacks of this model are that in comparison with EVOD is that it holds less liquid in the tank, batteries have smaller capacity and clearomizers have to be changed relatively more often than. But if you were always a light smoker, choose a 6 or 12mg e-liquid with this starter kit and it will fulfill your needs. are a beginner with previous knowledge or want something more advanced and stylish

This is a special case and we are more than ready for it! SimpleVape has starter kits that you will not find anywhere else which are specifically tailored to fit the customers that are in need of more advanced technologies in their starter kits. It might even not be a first starter kit for some customers, as they might want to upgrade from EVOD or eSmart. For this matter, we can offer four starter kits to choose from.

First off, Vision Spinner Basic and Advanced Starter Kits, which have one thing in common - they both include a great 1300mAh Vision Spinner Variable Voltage (VV) battery. Basic model comes with an Aspire clearomizer of your choice - ET, CE5, CE5-S or Vivi Nova. They are great clearomizers, which look and perform great in combination with Spinner battery. Especially, the combo of Steel Spinner and ET clearomizers is worth noting as it looks great - you can see a photo of it HERE. Advanced model differs from Basic - first, it includes one of widely popular and great performing Kanger Clearomizers (Unitank, Mini Unitank or Protank 3) which have more advanced builds than Aspire counterparts; second, it includes additional 5-pack of replacement coils, which means that you will not have to buy them in a while; third, we added 10ml bottle of SimpleVape e-liquid to the package, so it includes everything you need for a start. It is a great choice, because Vision Spinner is a VV battery, which means that you can control how "hot" battery will work and by adjusting the handle on the bottom of the battery, find the option which delivers the best vape. 

In addition, if you like the ability to control battery voltage, but like EVOD more, we offer a more advanced Kanger EVOD starter kit which goes by the name Twist. It includes one Kanger EVOD Variable Voltage (VV) battery with a EVOD clearomizer of the same colour. Just add a bottle of e-liquid or an additional advanced Kanger clearomizer to this starter kit and vape on! have heard of AeroTank clearomizer, but want a complete kit with it

A newest addition to the Kanger clearomizer lineup - Aerotank - is perfect for everyone. Kanger AeroTank clearomizer offers the same unbeatable performance as the Kanger Protank series clearomizers and packs new features, such as, introduction of stainless material and dual coil heads inside. It's adjustable air flow, new construction and great performance has already gained likes of millions of vapers around the world. Now we are making it even better, by combining it with a great Vision Spinner battery in a Kanger Aerotank Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. You can choose between Kanger Aerotank, Aerotank Mini and Aerotank Mega for the same price, which makes this e-cigarette starter kit a great bargain as well! want to try everything and decide what is the best

Yes, you can buy several starter kits and try them out, but that would add up to quite a high price. That is why SimpleVape has designed a "All-in-One" starter kit for a better bundle price than it would be buying components separately. As you can probably guess from the title, it is the most diverse and advanced starter kit in our stock. It includes both Kanger EVOD VV and Vision Spinner batteries, Aspire clearomizers, Kanger clearomizers and much more to try out! This is the best starter kit which ensure the best and most flawless transition from smoking to vaping! 

Hopefully, this answered all of your questions and if you still have any, do not hesitate to contact our consultants via email, phone or live chat.


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